Who are we?

The CERTEC consists of twenty people, including professors, researchers and postgraduate students. We carry out research and training programs relating to various aspects of risk and safety:

  • We develop different types of technological risk studies: mathematical modelling of major accidents, fires, explosions, toxic clouds, hazardous materials transport, study cases of real accidents, etc.
  • We do advanced research in the field of forest fires, with the aim of developing scientific and technological solutions for a profitable and sustainable fire management: Infrared monitoring systems, fire behavior prediction systems, wildland-urban interface fire impact analysis, etc.
  • We also develop projects in the field of fire protection engineering following a performance based approach, based on numerical simulations of fire scenarios in different types of infrastructures.
  • We carry out also an important task of training, organizing and teaching in courses,  seminars and workshops.
  • We investigate accidents for insurance companies, private enterprises and courts.

Some of these activities are carried out within the framework of international cooperation, others for the administration and other companies. We have intense international relationships, materialized in joint research projects and exchange programs for researchers and students.